Gear Box Assemblies and Components

We Deal in Complete Gear Boxes along with its Components.


Gear Box Models :

GB-2, GB-13, ZF-5SP, ZF-7SP, ZF-8SP, ZF-OD Series, ZF-9SP, HGP Model.


Gear Box Components :

Gear Box Casings, Covers, Couplings

Regular and Mesh Gears

Pinion Shafts, Leyshafts, Counter Shafts

Main Shafts, Main Shaft Bushes, Sleeves

Main Shaft Needle Roller and Ball Bearings

Thrust Washers, Distance Pieces, Circlips

Synchro Assemblies (Synchro sleeves, rings, cones, etc)

Synchro Kits, Sliding Pads, Synchro Hubs

Gear Box Forks, Selector Assemblies and Levers

Gear Box Seals

PTO Assemblies and Pumps, etc